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hello, i'm yan

I am a photographer, entrepreneur, technologist, guitarist, climber, and telemark skier

This blog is about startups, blogging, Ruby On Rails, virtualization and cloud computing, photography, customer service, marketing, ux and design, git, and lots more.

I am the CTO at Reverb.com - The Marketplace for Musicians. We're hiring web Ruby and iOS developers!

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USPS: Arrival At Unit Does Not Mean Your House

Posted 13 September 2008 @ 2pm in customer service

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the delivery of my new light meter (for my newly acquired TLR camera) for several days now, watching the USPS tracking page like a hawk. And today in the morning, it said “Arrival at Unit”. I ran downstairs only to find…nothing.

Of course, I had once again fallen for the old obscure-naming-to-confuse-customers trick. Ah USPS, you got me again! Yes, this is not the first time that I had to google what Arrival At Unit means. You’d think it was your Unit right? Your apartment, condo, or house maybe? No, of course not. Don’t you know that Unit actually means a local USPS facility? You didn’t? That’s weird, I thought that was common knowledge. That’s not at all misleading.

A quick google search yields 1,370,000 results for people asking questions about USPS Arrival At Unit. And this problem has been around ever since the tracking sytem went into place. Downright embarrassing, when it would take next to no time to fix the wording. Oh well.