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January 2012 - Yan Pritzker – Yan Pritzker

Yan Pritzker software entrepreneur, photographer, musician

Blog :: Git Workflows Book :: Dotfiles :: Photography :: About Me

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hello, i'm yan

I am a photographer, entrepreneur, technologist, guitarist, climber, and telemark skier

This blog is about startups, blogging, Ruby On Rails, virtualization and cloud computing, photography, customer service, marketing, ux and design, git, and lots more.

I am the CTO at Reverb.com - The Marketplace for Musicians. We're hiring web Ruby and iOS developers!

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Reach me at yan at pritzker.ws

Posts from January 2012

20 January 2012 @ 12pm


The cleanest vimrc you’ll ever see

Ruby developer oriented dotfiles and vim configs to make your heart sing

3 January 2012 @ 12pm


Convert rspec pending to xit with vim

RSpec has two ways of disabling tests: pending and xit. Except one of them is truly evil. Pending actually still runs the before block even when it’s disabled. This is bad when you have a test with a very expensive before block. Changing the pending to xit is a great strategy, but tedious. Vimscript to […]