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hello, i'm yan

I am a photographer, entrepreneur, technologist, guitarist, climber, and telemark skier

This blog is about startups, blogging, Ruby On Rails, virtualization and cloud computing, photography, customer service, marketing, ux and design, git, and lots more.

I am the CTO at Reverb.com - The Marketplace for Musicians. We're hiring web Ruby and iOS developers!

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Reach me at yan at pritzker.ws

Posts from April 2012

Talk Notes: Rails Sustainable Productivity by Xavier Shay

http://confreaks.com/videos/815-larubyconf2012-rails-sustainable-productivity Here are my notes on Xavier Shay’s awesome video on sustainable productivity in Rails. I agree wholeheartedly with all of his points, and although they’re not particularly new, it’s nice to hear from someone with real world perspective on maintaining a large Rails project. Rails does not make data integrity a priority, so be […]

5 minutes a day for exponential productivity

As a software developer, my day is taken by two primary activities: thought work and typing. Although I am a very fast typer, they pay me the big bucks ostensibly for what is inside my head, not my fingers. Every moment I spend typing something repetitive is therefore not only a waste of the time […]

17 April 2012 @ 11am


How to change vim syntax colors that are annoying you

If you look at code all day, having readable colors is going to be the biggest thing that saves your eyes. Here’s how I tweak my colors any time they bother me. To start, you’ll need this little piece of script, which gives you a ,hi alias, which will display the current highlight group. 1. […]

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