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About Me - Yan Pritzker – Yan Pritzker

Yan Pritzker software entrepreneur, photographer, musician

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hello, i'm yan

I am a photographer, entrepreneur, technologist, guitarist, climber, and telemark skier

This blog is about startups, blogging, Ruby On Rails, virtualization and cloud computing, photography, customer service, marketing, ux and design, git, and lots more.

I am the CTO at Reverb.com - The Marketplace for Musicians. We're hiring web Ruby and iOS developers!

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Reach me at yan at pritzker.ws

I am an entrepreneurial technical generalist, specializing in founder/first-employee level technology and business development. My work has run the gamut from running my own startup, managing in house and outsourced developers and designers, doing product development, sales, biz dev, and marketing, developing distributed enterprise J2EE applications, database design, developing large full stack Rails applications including operational aspects, and user experience design. Things that I really like: macs, git, vim, great interaction design, marketing, customer service, and behavioral economics.

I have been active in the software industry for about 15 years, starting from leading a successful effort to build an open source quantum computing simulator while in high school, working on next generation semantic web technology at IBM’s Extreme Blue program, and building a distributed messaging system for an airline reservations system at G2 Switchworks, a cloud computing platform at CohesiveFT, prediction market technology at Crowdcast, and a musician’s marketplace at Reverb.com. In 2006, I founded Planypus, a place to share plans with your friends, where I acted as CEO and director of development for six years. Planypus was acquired by Rundavoo.com, and Crowdcast was acquired by Spigit.

I am currently CTO at Reverb, a musician’s marketplace where I lead technology and product development.

I hold degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics from UIUC. You can find me on LinkedIn.

I also love music, play guitar, starting to play piano, and love to travel and take lots of photos.

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