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hello, i'm yan

I am a photographer, entrepreneur, technologist, guitarist, climber, and telemark skier

This blog is about startups, blogging, Ruby On Rails, virtualization and cloud computing, photography, customer service, marketing, ux and design, git, and lots more.

I am the CTO at Reverb.com - The Marketplace for Musicians. We're hiring web Ruby and iOS developers!

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Reach me at yan at pritzker.ws

Posts Tagged productivity

Nine months of pair programming

I’ve paired off and on throughout my programming career, but for the last nine months, I’ve had a chance to pair nearly full time. I’m not much of a drink-the-koolaid dogmatist, so I’ll try to give my honest opinion about what’s wonderful and not so wonderful about pair programming. The Good: Zero time for knowledge […]

5 minutes a day for exponential productivity

As a software developer, my day is taken by two primary activities: thought work and typing. Although I am a very fast typer, they pay me the big bucks ostensibly for what is inside my head, not my fingers. Every moment I spend typing something repetitive is therefore not only a waste of the time […]

Vim demystified: ten commands you can start using today

These commands are not only extremely useful but also mnemonic and easy to learn for a huge payoff in keystroke savings. These are the common compound commands I use every day, and I think it’s easier to dive in this way than to try to learn vim key by key. Read Me First! Save your […]

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